secure your website

Prevent security warnings

Starting January 2017 the Google Chrome browser (version 56) will show warnings on insecure websites that provide login functionality or process payment information.
In the near future Google wants to trigger these warnings for all insecure websites, and it is expected that other browsers will follow this example. So in order to prevent scaring your website visitors, it's recommended to secure your website.

Phishing Scamsphishing alert

Phishing is a form of scam where the scammer builds a fake version of a popular website to fool people to enter their login details and harvest the information.

The fake site can look identical to the real one, but once you enter your information & submit it will be sent to the scammer instead, they will in turn use this information for nefarious purposes or sell it to spammers.

Mobilegeddongoogle mobile test intro

April 21 Google mobile ranking update

Google the search giant is constantly updating it's search algorithms.
With mobile devices becoming more popular, people tend to browse the web more with these devices, most websites however are not responsive (mobile friendly)

The upcoming "mobilegeddon" update will have great impact on your website's ranking, if your website is responsive (mobile friendly) or has a mobile version it will be ranked higher.
If it doesn't however, your site ranking will decrease.

Is your site mobile ready?