Mobilegeddongoogle mobile test intro

April 21 Google mobile ranking update

Google the search giant is constantly updating it's search algorithms.
With mobile devices becoming more popular, people tend to browse the web more with these devices, most websites however are not responsive (mobile friendly)

The upcoming "mobilegeddon" update will have great impact on your website's ranking, if your website is responsive (mobile friendly) or has a mobile version it will be ranked higher.
If it doesn't however, your site ranking will decrease.

Is your site mobile ready?


User tips:

Check all pages of your site, a responsive homepage doesn't necesarily mean the rest of your site is mobile friendly
Optimize images on your site for web

Developer Tips:

Use the google webmasters site crawler tool to fetch & render your site:

google webmasters panel

Check the render results:
google render before

If the page rendered by google seems broken/unstyled use the robots.txt tester to find out what is blocking google from rendering the site properly:

robots tester list
Here you can see the stylesheet and images are not being rendered properly because they are blocked by robots.txt

Use the robotx.txt tester tool to troubleshoot the robots.txt file

robots tester before
Delete the lines marked in red or specify custom allowed directories and test the file again.

robots tester after
Apply the changes made to your site's robots.txt file.

Fetch & Render your site once again:

google render after
This time the site rendered properly.

fetch as google options

Note: The fetch & render tool can also fetch & render mobile versions of your site